- Recovery of all deleted data

- Recovery of data which is from the formatted volumes

- Recovery of data even from the most obsolete volumes on the hard disk

- Recovery of Data from external hard drives and devices such as USB Pen drives

- Recovery restart anytime

- Recovery of Email supported by clients like Microsoft Outlook and

  Microsoft Outlook Express

- Hard disk Cloning

- Creating image of hard disk and volumes as well as image of selected area of

  hard disk

- Statistics of hard disk



Windows Data Recovery

Have you evern taken that camera card, transferred the imates to your hard drive, then found out the transfer didn't happen AFTER you have reformatted the card?

Don't throw your hands up in despair! Stellar Windows Data Recovery software makes recovering those images a snap.

Not only can you recover photographs, but data as well. Data such as important office files, and even lost Emails that were originally received via Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.

When the recovery is complete you will have a file folder of recovered data, and through that you can skim to the ones you need, delete the others, or keep them all.

I have had clients come in with a deleted camera card and recovered their priceless photos from many layers, and past formats of the card.

As photographers and graphic artists, most of our inadvertant deletions include photographs and graphics. However, data of all kinds can be recovered.

Stellar Data Recovery Software is a must in every photographers and graphic artists back of tricks. At its low price of $49 for the entry level version, it is a tool everyone can afford.

Extra options and other data recovery software are available. There is also an option for MAC data recovery.