Scroll and motion effects are available with a wide variety of options, text wraps, color and design themes, Font Kits and a full library of Web Safe Fonts.


Based on the workings of Adobe InDesign, the software supports the layers, character styles, and shortcuts you are accustomed to with InDesign. Being long time users of InDesign, using Muse is a pleasure and the learning curve is short.


If you are on the Cloud, be sure to try out Muse.


We have long supported NetObjects Fusion, and will be reviewing Fusion 2013 below. However, we have become fans of Adobe's newest web design software Muse. This website has been redesigned using Muse, and is the main reason we have chosen to redesign SoftwareEvals.


Muse is being updated almost daily with new features being consistently added. It is also a part of the Creative Cloud, so when uploaded it is automatically uploaded to the Cloud, where hotsting of five websites are available with your subscription.


Not only can you choose Cloud hosting, but you can also host with your own server.


Special Widgets Library includes items for Composiiton, Forms with pre-set adjustable forms, Menus, Panels, Slideshows and Social icons and links.


Features such as drop shadows, bevels and outlines are available for graphics., and when you bring in photos and other graphics, Muse downsizes them quickly and efficiently.